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Our Testimonials

  • It's great! Having a reliable and knowledgeable resource on hand to help with any little or major problem is fantastic. Plus the after sales care you receive is amazing!

    jeells102 - Server Management
  • Can’t recommend this guy enough. Setup everything cleanly and efficiently. Very kind to talk to and is super active on his set times. Response time is always less than 5 minutes. His #1 priority to let you know what hes doing at all times, something I really appreciate. Also, I asked this guy so many questions that I’m almost embarrassed to tell ya’ll. Each question was answered with full knowledge about the subject.

    obviouslygwlb - Server Installation
  • Just had this guy set up Automated FTP Downloads for me. I 100% recommend this guy. He knows exactly what he is doing, very trustworthy, his prices are cheap and he just seems to be a really cool guy. If you need to help setting up anything on your server, I would certainly recommend contacting this guy. He always lets you know what he is doing and you are free to ask as many questions as you want. He will always answer truthfully. I will definitely contact him again in the future if I need help with anything.

    TomHarrington321 - Software Installation
  • I'm a happy customer of Jackalblood. He is currently managing 3 dedi boxes for me. He did full install on all 3 and updates it for me as update comes up. I would ask to install new apps and he'll get on it right away. I've learned so much from him, he's very knowledgeable at what he does. I couldn't have asked for a better customer service. He will never leave you waiting for a response when you asked him a question or need help, which I think majority (if not all) customers are always looking for in any type of business. I would personally recommend him to my family & friends. Give him a try, it is well worth it. Again, thank you Jackalblood for everything that you do for me.

    Edisonv3 - Server Management
  • As a college student I’m always busy but I have always loved the idea of media servers but didn’t have time to set one up myself,so off on the search for a server manager I went and I found Hyperboxes. The customer service is top notch prices are quite affordable and once you’re all set up it’s like you’re a little family. The only work you have to do is download and upload all the hard work is done for you and that’s the best feeling as a college student who already has a million and one things to juggle at once. Hyperboxes is just great!

    ThatClassicKidKam - Server Management
  • I've been a customer of Jackalblood for some months now. I currently have him manage my dedi box from Hetzner. So far he has done an amazing job. He has been extremely helpful to the extent that I have volunteered to help him moderate his discord channel (time permitting). While Jackalblood is providing managed seedboxes, he doesn't pretend to know everything only to fumble his way through. He will straight up tell you he has no experience but willing to give it a go if you don't mind a bit of trial and error. In terms of service or problems, he will set a time that he has available and will show up without fail to fix any problems. He is not 24/7 service, however, with little jobs he will try to do quickly while big jobs that might take hours (such as a reinstall) he will schedule to the weekend. I would highly recommend Jackalblood, he has never let me down and have always met and exceeded my expectations. I have also prepaid my managed server with Jackalblood for the next 12 months, that's how confident and satisfied I am with his service.

    troubledinchina - Server Management
  • Hey Folks, I'm a happy customer of Hyperboxes and I'd like to explain why. Jackalblood isn't one of those guys who loads a quick tune and leaves, he's the type that helps you with your issues long into the 2-week support. He's up for a little bit of teaching if your up to speed and cares that the customer is pleased with his work. His primary goal is happy customers and doing this work because he loves it. Through my experience with him, those two factors easily show. I came into his service from a recommendation on Reddit while searching for resellers. At first, my proposal was a bit unorthodox from the typical user, but he was glad to try his hand at it and he hit the nail on the head. We talked through the whole process and any questions I had he answered and explained until I felt I grasped the concept. His explanations were where he demonstrated what set him apart from others. Jackalblood is being honest when he says he does the work because he loves it. I've dabbled in Linux administration and this opened up a conversation between him and me on my home setup. We talked shop on parts of my installation, and from there he was the driving force in me polishing my rclone, mergerfs, and systemd knowledge. From that conversation, both my home and overseas server saw significant improvements. Jackalblood's primary goal is happy customers and he loves the work. He isn't profit-driven, but instead enjoys the task. That concept is rare. It's good to find level minded individuals such as himself, and it clearly shows that his work has the driving force of his passion for customer service.

    s0n1cm0nk3y - Software Installation
  • My experience so far has been flawless. Even though he says he just does this on the side on the weekends, he's provided support to me outside those hours. He's answered my many many questions with patience and professionalism. He's gone out of his way to make sure I understood what was going to be different and ensured I was going to be comfortable going forward. He also was able to assist me in getting gdrive setup and rolling with rsync from the box. All in all, a top notch setup for what I pay for

    02soob - Server Management
  • Anyone that wants this done need to get in contact with him. He gave me exactly what I was looking for in a setup. I wanted something that was pretty much automated where all I had to do was select the items that i wanted. BAM!! I got it. He has made some updates afterwards to better improve my experience. Customer service is outstanding. He has not been hesitant in answering my questions. You got to understand he has another job besides doing this. on the weekends. By far this has been the best experience that I have ever had. I have used 2 of the main people that you normally here of when it comes to setting up a new server. I got the bare minimum when it came to tailoring it to my needs from the other two. Jackalblood gave a lot more. Wanted to know exactly what I was looking for, how much experience I had and so on. He then setup the system based off of that information and I could not be more pleased. If you want a setup this is the guy to get with.

    smokinsarge - Software Installation
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Fast Delivery

We aim to deliver on our services and products within 24 hours. This includes any installation, tuning and more.

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Security and Privacy

We always ensure that your servers are secure and we'll provide advice and guidance on how to do this. In addition, we never keep any details of your server without your consent .

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24/7 Support

Our Discord Channel is online 24/7 where you can ask for help and support from our team of dedicated experts.

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Continuously Improving

We are always working on servers, and learning new ways to improve our customer's servers. If we believe something is going to benefit you, then we will always let you know.

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