Bring Your Own Server (Managed)

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20.00 / 30 days

Have you got a server and want to do something with it but don’t know where to start? Don’t want to worry about handing the system day by day ?

This Option is for you, you can bring the server you already own into the Hyperboxes Family.

Bring a clean server, of your choosing ready for install of and have it managed for you for a small monthly fee.


Take all the hassle and guess-work out of servers and just enjoy them!


The reason I have to remove said access is if a user who is managed was left with said sudo or root they could potentially cause an issue that would be unrecoverable or at the very least take hours of effort to fix.


Note: Orders will not be fulfilled until the weekend due to restrictions of the staff during the week. You will be notified once your order has been fulfilled. 

You are welcome to a full refund up until the moment your timeslot is booked for the purchased service, You can, however, reschedule for a different time slot.

If you decide the cancel BYOS management before 2 months have passed you will be required to pay an extra £20, This is so the time required to set up is still paid for if you decide to only stay 1 month.  

Please Note: Paypal requires you to input some billing details. These do not need to be real details if anonymity matters to you.