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Terms & Conditions

Below are our Terms & Conditions.

Terms of Service

Hyperboxes offer a technical service mainly in configuring your Linux based seedbox.

Standard support hours are 12am to 12pm GMT Saturday to Monday.


You must describe the problem which you need solved, we will suggest a solution and once mutually agreed we will proceed to do the work.

Once service has been provided and you are satisfied with the service and the service is working, it will be considered as job completed.


You may terminate the agreement if the problem is not solved, the solution fails to solve your problem or achieve your objective.


If the client fail to disclose full use and faults are caused by non-disclosed facts there will be no warranty.

Fault is outside of the work carried out due to third party such as and not limited to api ban on gsuite, there will be no warranty.

Use of your Data

Hyperboxes will never intentionally use or sell your personal data outside the scope of providing our services to you. Whilst we will make every reasonable effort to protect your data, you should also ensure that your data is protected too.

You can request for your data to removed from our site under GDPR. If you wish to make such a request, please contact a staff member on our Discord server.